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Reactions to taking a MOOC on Programming for Android

A few months ago I read a news article about a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on programming for Android.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to test some ideas that I had been having, so I signed up.  Having just finished my last assignment a few days ago, I want to share a few thoughts from my experience.

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Why I chose the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition

For those of you who follow my blog (all both of you), you know that I am very interested in how technology can be used in the ministry of Lutheran Bible Translators.  So far I have been working primarily with Apple and Microsoft devices, but I am now jumping into the world of Android.

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fiber converters

Installing Fiber Backbone at GILLBT

In 2009 we had a lightning storm that knocked out half of the network equipment at the GILLBT office in Tamale.  Part of the reason for that was that all of the buildings were connected with copper cabling, creating an antenna for the lightening.

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Protected: MK CAMP 2013 Christmas Presentation

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Surface Family

What’s the difference between Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro?

Microsoft has a habit of choosing naming schemes that are confusing.  And then to make matters worse, they change them often.  I am going to try to clarify the difference between the Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro tablets which have names that sound very similar and looks that are almost identical, but at the root are very different devices. Read more »


Google Chromecast: a first step in cracking the Smart TV

Released barely a week ago, the Google Chromecast is making a lot of headlines in the tech world. Although many people are pointing out the limitations, I believe that Google may have actually just made the first step in cracking the the Smart TV problem.

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Setting up a 3G Modem with a ZyWALL USG Firewall

While attending the IT Connect conference in May I was introduced to a line of firewalls from ZyXEL.  I had actually heard about them before and even wrote a little about the content filtering option in a previous post.  However, it is a different thing to have read about a device and to have somebody who knows the ins and outs of it take you through each configuration page and show you what it can do (thanks Marcelo).  That is why I can say that I was “introduced” to it in May. Read more »

Surface RT

Microsoft Surface RT Review, Part V: Conclusion

From the day that that the iPad was announced I have been excited about the potential for tablet computing.  Over time I have become even more convinced of the benefits of mobile tech for our work.  The importance of the combination of instant on, low powered ARM processors, solid state storage, and touch based interaction cannot be over emphasized. Read more »


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