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My Experience Upgrading to Windows 10

With the availability of Windows 10 on July 29th as a free update, I had decided some time ago that I was going to be making the change as soon as possible.  Well, that opportunity came already this last Saturday.  This post is a short description of that process for me.

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Three Phones

Going Mobile with Translated Scripture

A few months ago I was introduced to a system for building  Android apps for Scripture Engagement that was being developed by a colleague working in West Africa.  It takes the scripture text and audio that we already have and bundles it together into something that really is equal to more than the sum of the parts.  I have been privileged to be part of the alpha testing and wanted to share with you why I am so excited about this project.

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Reactions to taking a MOOC on Programming for Android

A few months ago I read a news article about a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on programming for Android.  It seemed like the perfect opportunity to test some ideas that I had been having, so I signed up.  Having just finished my last assignment a few days ago, I want to share a few thoughts from my experience.

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Recent Articles

Triqui micro-SD

Loading MicroSD cards with digital Scripture materials

(This is a Guest Post with my blog serving as a place to publish ideas on how to use Scripture App Builder.)

Here is our new media product in Copala Triqui that we have begun shipping to distribution partners in Oaxaca. Itꞌs a 4gb micro-SD card loaded with: Read more »


2015 Speaking Schedule

During 2015 we will be traveling around the US visiting with churches, groups, and individuals who have partnered with us in ministry.  If we will be in your area and you would like to know where we will be speaking, or if you would like us to visit you, please contact us.

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Acts 2:1-8 in Komba with English Translations

For many people in the world, when they hear scripture read in church, it is not in their own language.  Sometimes the pastor may read it in another language, like English, and then translate it into the language that the people in the congregation speak.  This video may give you an idea of what that is like.  You can hear each verse read in Komba, a language of northern Ghana, and then translated into English.

End Goal: zoomed out map

Using CQWP to display SharePoint Geolocation Field

I really like the functionality that has been added by the geolocation field in SharePoint 2013.  It can be extremely useful when you have projects and people all over the world.  A map view can give you a quick idea of where everything is in relation to each other.  However, one of the major limitations that I have run into is that you cannot set the default zoom level when looking at individual items.  It starts at the street level when I would much prefer to see it at the country or even regional level.  So I used the good old content query web part (CQWP) to come to my rescue. Read more »


One Year Later: Galaxy S4 Google Edition

About a year ago I wrote a blog post outlining why I had chosen the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition.  This is a follow-up to go back and review my reasons at the time and see how things actually panned out.   Read more »