All Things Technical

Paul has a blog…and pigs really do fly. Those who know me well know of my great disgust with writing. I once wrote a program equivalent to four pages of code in college in order to keep from writing a page and a half essay. I had to get married so that my family could finally find out what was happening in my life. It is no secret that our partners hear from us because of Ali.

So why do I have a blog?

You will note the title of this entry “All Things Technical”. That is really the title of my blog. On day to day issues I don’t have a lot to write about. But on technology I have many opinions. I have also come across some interesting fixes that I want to share with others. Initially you will see articles about virus cleaning, AVG updates and other virus related issues because that has been a big part of my job lately.

So don’t settle in with a cup of coffee to read any warm and fuzzy stories. This blog is all business.


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