Favorite: Fried Yam

There are many Ghanaian dishes that we enjoy eating. Every Tuesday, the kitchen at GILLBT makes fried yam and the kids and I go to eat this favorite of ours. Surprisingly, we don’t get much exposure to local dishes and this not only provides us with that opportunity but is an excuse to get out of the house for a bit.

Yes, that is a fish head on the plate. I always hope that I get a middle or a tail but you can’t always get your choice cut of meat. The fish is fried, fresh and fantastic! I actually never ate fish before coming to Ghana and now I know what I was missing out on. That sauce is a tomato-based concoction that is great for dipping. When buying fried yam on the street, it is often served with a ground peanut powder, a drizzle of oil and some onions An equally delicious treat.

Here is Hannah enjoying her fried yam. No, don’t ask, she doesn’t share!

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