The Sound of Silence

Every parent knows that if it’s quiet around the house, the children are up to no good. There is that brief time where you enjoy the calm and then you realize that the storm is brewing.

Hannah and Levi were playing together outside. The rain had just finished and they begged to go out and play. I knew that it was messy outside but I also knew that they would enjoy being out there.

Hannah is making ‘cookies’ and setting them on the ladder to sell them. Although Levi is wearing brown trousers, be assured that he is covered in mud. Do you see how wet the kids are, especially Hannah? That has nothing to do with the rain that had just come. Of course not, that would make too much sense. They are wet because, according to Hannah, “We needed to get our hair wet and take a bath in the dogs’ water.” That is why I get for asking.

While they really were not causing any trouble, it was more of a mess than I had prepared for!



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