What have we been up to?

We’ve been in the US for 7 months now. It did take awhile to get used to being back ‘home.’ The majority of our time has been spent on the road, traveling to see many of you! For the rest of our time here, we are planning on staying in one place with the exception of a few short trips within Ohio or to Michigan. Our main focus right now is Paul’s work toward his Master’s Degree and the arrival of baby #3.

Here are a few pictures of the things that we have been doing over the last seven months:

Christmas! Yes, that was a long time ago but this is a recap, remember?

Sledding in the yard. My kids LOVED the snow but HATED the cold. They sure look cute, though.

The water table at the children’s museum.

A tea party. For princesses only, please!

Levi’s SECOND birthday.

Lounging at a hotel.

Hannah’s FOURTH birthday!

Reading books with Great Uncle Gary. We’ve had many fun moments with extended family but rarely have had our camera handy.

Coloring Easter eggs.

An Easter egg hunt. It was actually one of 3 that day.

WOW! That only brings us to the beginning of April and I’ve narrowed down the pictures quite a bit and have only chosen a few. Looks like you’ll just have to wait for another post to take you from April until now. I’ll be back in a few days with more images from our time in America thus far. Thanks for stopping by!


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