More of the Daily Grind

As promised, here are some more pictures of what we have been doing during our time in the US.

The kids have especially enjoyed being able to watch TV. PBS is one of our favorite channels.

Here we are in front of the giraffes at the San Diego Zoo.

And with Mickey at Disneyland.

Cheese, glorious cheese! I stocked our fridge with several blocks of it and we have some everyday. This may not seem like a big deal to most of you, but cheese is very expensive in Ghana. We are enjoying it while we can!

My brother, known as Uncle O, and I took Hannah strawberry picking. Strawberries are another treat that we can’t enjoy in Ghana. Rest assurred, my freezer is well stocked with strawberries to get us through the winter! Paul and I took the kids blueberry picking just a couple of weeks ago, but we forgot the camera. 😦

Of course, the kids enjoy playing outside a lot of the time. Paul tied the wagon to the tricycle using a jump rope. The kids love taking turns pulling each other in the ‘trailer’.

Coloring with sidewalk chalk and blowing bubbles are other favorite outdoor activities. This is one masterpiece…

and this is what happens when you leave a 2 year old unattended to create his artwork. Notice the detail he added of coloring right where the rain will never reach? Also the use of wood paneling and screen so that we can’t just wipe it off with one swipe of a rag? Well done, my son.

I have a lot more to share and we’ve got more activities planned. We’ve already taken the kids to a small, local carnival. Of course, we forgot the camera again! But, they enjoyed riding a couple of kiddie rides, playing a game or two (in which we accidentally won a live goldfish that only lived for a week) and we splurged on a treat of Dippin’ Dots ice cream!

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