What are you doing?

Who, me? Oh nothing, really. Just pasteurizing some milk.

That little baby food jar there. Yeah, that’s only a little bit of butter.

I am SO excited about this. A fellow missionary has been getting fresh cow’s milk and pasteurizing it for a little while now. I didn’t want to add a new thing to my routine and didn’t know how to go about communicating that I wanted FRESH milk, not yesterday’s or last week’s but from this morning. There was more that I was unsure about as well. However, it wasn’t as hard as I thought to communicate to Watchman Paul. He has gotten milk for me twice already. The taste is a little farm-like so I tend to use it in recipes rather than drinking it but we have put it on our cereal once. I love the butter as well. I only get about 2-4 TBSP from my 1.5 liters of milk but it’s worth it. The milk supply will soon be drying up with the weather but now that I know the system, I’ll be ready to go when the rains come again next year! I also love the milk jug. It’s actually an empty wine bottle that we bought in the market filled with groundnuts (peanuts). It reminds me of when the milk man used to bring milk to our back step each week. Oh, wait, that part didn’t really happen but the rest is true.

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