One of those days

Today was “one of those days” that happen every so often. After supper, I commented to Paul that I should write about all of the things that happened because it is nearly unbelievable. Please note: This is not a list of complaints, just a list of events!

This morning while the diapers were in the washing machine, we ran out of water. We have a reserve water tank and a pump so that we can pump water from the reserve to the tanks on the top of our house. The pump ran for about 20 minutes and then shut off. Apparently it overheated. I filled some buckets with water directly from the reserve tank and filled the washing machine by hand to finish the diapers.

In the mid-afternoon we lost electricity (not unusual). I was making baked sweet potatoes as part of our supper. I got them in the oven and after they cooked for about 15 minutes I heard a strange sound. That sound was the gas going out in the oven. It’s difficult to bake sweet potatoes with no cooking gas! I then tried to call Paul at work to see if he could come and change the gas tanks and my call would not go through. In fact, I was unable to make or receive any calls at all. With no electricity, little water, no cooking gas, no phone access, I decided to gather the kids and go for a walk. We walked to GILLBT to share our list of events with Paul. By this time, it was 5 pm anyway and he was soon packing up.

When we came home, Paul switched the gas tanks, I continued to cook the potatoes but was working on dinner Plan B since potatoes take awhile to cook. As he was pulling out the generator to start it up, electricity came back on. He started up the water pump again and then my phone started to work as well. I know about the phone working because I received a text message that Paul had sent to me just before 4 pm. Although the potatoes didn’t finish in time for supper, everything else fell right back in line. We had salad and sandwiches for supper and I ate a sweet potato after the kids went to bed as a reward for not having a melt down. I can tell that I have adjusted to life here because it just didn’t surprise me that all of these things happened at once.

Although I wasn’t surprised at all of these events, you better believe I was praising God as each item began to function again!


12 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Hi Ali, I have followed you and Paul’s updates on and off since you visited our church years ago. I’m interested to hear about how life is there in Ghana as we have a sponsor child in Accra. So part of my heart wishes I were with all of you when you make your trips there. Blessings to your family and I prayed for your house to get fixed even today.
    In Christ,

  2. Thanks for the new blog! It will be fun to hear from you and Paul in this way. I love the “this be Ghana” tag. Your stories remind me so much of life in Liberia growing up. 🙂 If my mom were writing a blog back then, she would have tagged “plan X, Y & Z” every time she had to adapt to the uniqueness of life in rural West Africa.

    1. Thanks for reading! It is common that Plan A is not the one that we follow. We look forward to seeing you on this side of the ocean in just a few short months.

  3. I think it’s great to know that missionaries have those kinds of days too. Teaching…there are just some days were things go so haywire, you have to laugh or you’d lose your mind! The Christmas season at a school being “one of those seasons”.

    What kind of Christmas preparations do you make? I would hear about that! 🙂

    1. I do need the reminder to laugh because some times it is just easier to lose my mind! I’ll work on a post about Christmas in Ghana. Thanks for checking out our blog.

  4. Jack Drews

    This is a very user friendly program you put together. Both of you write with good sentence structure with a gift to use ‘words’ that give the reader a good understanding of the subject matter. Enjoy your reports. May the Lord keep you and bless your efforts.

  5. Hi Ali,
    I promise never to complain again when my husband flushes the toilet while I’m in the shower and I feel a burst of ice cold water. You are a trooper!!!
    Marge from Janesville, WI

  6. Hi Ali
    You and Paul and family came to our congregation (Good Shepherd) shortly after we moved here to Appleton in 2009. Enjoyed hearing you talk about your work and have been keeping up on your family and work and life there. It’s amazing what you are doing there and I keep you in my prayers. Will pray that your house work gets done promptly and correctly and that things go smoothly for you all. I can’t imagine all the challenges you face there.
    What will Christmas celebrations be like for you there?
    Thanks for sending such nice updates for those of us who like to follow your happenings!
    In Christ,
    Nancy S

    1. Thanks, Nancy! Seems like a few people are interested in our Christmas celebrations and preparations. I’ll be working on that for the next post.

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