My Christmas: Weather

Dusty air

Dry season is in full swing now. It may be obvious from the name but we haven’t had any rainfall since October and won’t see rain until May or June.  Though it is brown, dry and dusty outside, we experience some of our coolest temperatures at this time of year because of Harmattan. The days get pretty hot, low 90s, but through the night our house cools down to the low 70s. It makes perfect sweatshirt and hot cocoa weather and helps us to feel like it’s the correct season for Christmas.  In the picture you can see what looks like fog. In fact, that is dust in the air. It makes keeping the house clean a near impossibility and causes us to have dry throats and coughs. Our humidity levels are often no higher than single digits and we often feel as if we are going to evaporate into the air because our skin is so dry.  The dust is an inconvenience but I love the feeling of putting on a sweatshirt and drinking hot beverages while living in West Africa!

This is the landscape during dry season
This is the same view during rainy season

So, tell me about your Christmas weather.


6 thoughts on “My Christmas: Weather

  1. Although the temperature has turned colder. overall he have had a very mild December. It really doesn’t feel like Christmas is near at all. Traditionally, we think of the ground being snow covered at this time of year. But, it seems as though we are going to be wishing for a white Christmas.

  2. Today is an unusual day in Phoenix: rainy and in the 50’s. Mid-60’s and dry is normal for us this time of year – so no snow here at Christmas!

    1. It seems that most people are stating “unseasonable” weather in various areas. I figured you’d be telling me about desert dryness just as we are experiencing it.

  3. Believe it or not, it’s warm here right now. Nearly 50 today, and it’s supposed to be in the 40s all week. Not your typical Chicago weather for December. But I’m not complaining. I know the blustery snow and sub-zero temps will arrive eventually.

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