My Christmas: What’s it about?

Being in an area that is largely Muslim, it is easy to go about the day and not even realize that we are in the season of Advent: preparing for the coming of the baby Jesus.  For the most part, everything looks the same in December as it does any other time of the year. Melcom, our “department store”, does have a few Christmas decorations for sale, I have seen 2 Santa hats around town as well.  However, no matter where I go, people are asking about our Christmas preparations.  Even Muslims ask how we will prepare for Christmas.

During this time, many of the stores and shops will be closed by Christmas Day and even earlier and they will not re-open until January 2 or later.  People travel back to their home villages to be with family. The focus is on sharing. The sharing comes in the form of food and not wrapped toys and electronic gadgets.  The sharing comes in the form of visiting neighbors and friends and of being together.  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will find many people cooking food and then taking that food around and giving it to one’s neighbor.  Perhaps this is the Ghanaian version of a potluck supper?  It’s really a wonderful thing. I love the idea of sharing food and visiting.

What will you be sharing this Christmas?


One thought on “My Christmas: What’s it about?

  1. We’ll be sharing a meal with our adopted family here. And we’ll be sharing a Meal with our family at church (communion will be celebrated on Christmas Eve at 11, too… but I’ll be home with some hopefully sleeping kiddos).

    And I bet I’ll be sharing with your parents and brother in missing you =)

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