Kitchen Remodel in One Day


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The upper cabinets in our kitchen have been a challenge from the first day that we moved to this house five years ago. Originally, some of the cabinets had sliding doors and others had glass.  The sliding doors were troublesome because they were on the smaller cabinets and the handles were in the middle of each door. You could only slide it a few inches which made it difficult to put anything in or out of that cabinet. The glass doors were also meant to slid in a track but it was thick glass and it didn’t slide at all. It only took us about a week or so before we removed the doors all together.

If you read the post about Harmattan you know that dust and dirt are a major problem especially during this time of year. I also didn’t really want all of my gadgets and clutter on display in our open concept cabinets. I settled for fabric curtains but all they really did was get in the way and not keep any dust out.  We had always intended on replacing the upper cabinets but never got around to it until just before Christmas. We brought a carpenter to the house to take measurements and designed what we would need for the replacements. Yesterday we got a call to come and pick up the cabinets and the carpenter can this afternoon to do the installation.

It was really interesting to be apart of the installation process. My favorite park was when Paul and the carpenter were trying to decide the height at which the cabinets should be installed.  They placed our dining room chairs up on the counter top and then experimented with setting various sizes of coffee and milk cans onto the chairs and placing the cabinets on top of the cans until the height was just right.  It’s a smart way to do things especially when walls, floors, and ceilings can not be trusted to be straight.

I am THRILLED with the new cabinets and have almost everything right where I want it.  I also had a small cabinet made with 4 drawers to hold silverware, spice and cooking utensils since my kitchen doesn’t have any drawers. Since I spend the majority of my days in the kitchen, it is a blessing to have it functioning well.


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