(notes from my personal journal: October 29, 2011)

Paul bought a pumpkin in town. It just barely fit in the oven to roast it. I ended up with 9 jars that I canned and 6 containers that I froze. There is one large jar in my fridge for easy access. Originally, I asked him to buy 5 pumpkins. When he brought this one home, I was glad that it was the only one. However, I hope to get some more in the coming weeks.

Just to give you an idea of its size, those white tiles in the background are just a hint less than 8 inches wide. Pretty sure that Eden and this pumpkin are the same size.


11 thoughts on “Pumpkin

    1. …and a squash is? Did you have to look up the definition of pumpkin? Something tells me “coarse decumbent vine” is not something that you say every day. Squash and gourds are in the same family. Also, is it scary that I was able to hear your voice when I read your comment? I knew exactly where to put the emphasis.

  1. I hope you dried and saved the seeds to give to your friends and neighbors. That is one good sized pumpkin! Okay, squash. Vine produce. The BIG one!

    1. that was the first of 7 pumpkins that i had in my kitchen this year. Our day watchman took the rind of the other pumpkins to dry them for calabashes. Those ones were round and orange. I gave him a bunch of seeds as well. Mostly, I dried and seasoned the seeds to eat for snacks and to add to the granola. I should have shared…next year.

  2. Ali, I ABSOLUTELY love the posting you have been sending in the past few weeks, especially when you ask the readers questions. They are just great. Thanks.

    Blessings, Sharon

    1. Thanks, Sharon! I’m really enjoying writing and our new website. I just hope that I can keep up with it. More is on the way.

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