Serving the Servants

“What can we do to serve you today?”

No, I did not go through a McDonalds drive-thru recently. Those words were spoken to me by a group of people sitting in my living room one afternoon.  Let me back up a bit.

We visited Summit Community Church while we were in the US in 2010.  Pastor Nate Schaus is a long time family friend and an MK (missionary kid) from Liberia where Paul grew up. We were able to share about our ministry with the people of Summit.  At the same time, Kristine Bender, executive director of Water is Life, was already in the planning stages of bringing a group to Ghana.  Although initial plans fell through for the Water is Life team, and we were delayed on our return to Ghana, everything finally fell into place.

Last month, we were privileged to meet up with the WiL team from Summit during their one week stay in Tamale. They treated us to dinner at a restaurant the first night here. Not only did they feed us supper (which gave me a break from cooking) but they showered us with treats and goodies from the US. It was like coming down and seeing gifts under the Christmas tree. I was in shock and was overwhelmed at all that they brought to give to us.  But that’s not all!   Four members of the team spent a few hours at our house one afternoon doing whatever we asked of them.  From cleaning windows to caulking to playing with our kids, they did it all.  We had a grand finale in which they invited us to join them for supper on their last evening in Tamale. This time, we got to express our gratitude for being included in their journey and for blessing us not only with goodies, but with their friendship, fellowship, and kindness.  They made us feel as if we were part of their group and it was hard to see them go.

As I was preparing for their arrival, I felt awkward knowing that the group was looking to us for some guidance and tips as “seasoned missionaries.” I felt even more uneasy when I knew that they wanted to come to serve us in our home and help out in whatever way possible. Here I am, the resident and the visitors are coming to serve me? I felt as if I should have been the hostess. However, God worked it all out. He knew exactly what I needed. Yes, I needed help in my house. I needed to not be ashamed that I couldn’t tackle all of the dirt on my own. I also really needed to be able to have some social time with people of my same culture.  I needed to not worry about being the hostess and let those who were coming be able to serve the servants.

Hey guys? My windows are dirty again.


4 thoughts on “Serving the Servants

  1. Hi Ali,

    I thought that was Pastor Nate I saw in the photo above so I read your blog on that. Very interesting! How I miss him. I’m just 2 hours south of him and the church and so I plan to get up there soon to attend service at Summit. He is an amazing pastor and I still consider him a spiritual advisor. Miss him, Liz and the kids (that are growing so fast!). Thank you for your postings. I’ll check in more often. My best to you and Paul and the kids as to God’s work.


  2. Ali – It’s my turn to come clean your windows! 🙂 Hopefully I’ll make it out there sometime soon. So glad the team was able to help you out. Know they were so happy to do so and looking forward to more opportunities in the future.

    Laurie – We miss you too! Call us when you plan to come over for a visit and we’ll do lunch afterwards!!!

    1. Liz, you would be most welcome here. Bring the kids as well, we have plenty of room and would love the opportunity to host you. Someone else can clean the windows!

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