Perspective: Weather

I’ve been reflecting a lot on our first term of service here in Ghana and how it compares and contrasts with what is happening now. The weather has been the most recent topic of my daydreaming pondering. When we first arrived in January 2007, I remember feeling the oppressive heat. I also remember not even wanting to think about having a sheet covering me when I slept at night. However, I wasn’t able to sleep well because I wasn’t under a sheet.

A few weeks ago, not only was I sleeping under a sheet, but a blanket as well. For several nights, the ceiling fan in our bedroom was either set on low or turned off completely. In the morning, I would put on a sweatshirt and drink something warm.  I enjoyed every minute of the feeling of cold. Although our cool mornings are not as cool now that we are approaching mid-February and our days are getting hotter, somehow I can still recognize that this is our mildest season. The heat of the hot season will soon be upon us and it will be oppressive.  We’ve already been given tastes of the heat but then a mild morning returns a few days later.

Is the weather any different?  Was it oppressively hot in January 2007 and not so hot in January 2012? Well, it surely is possible that the weather is different now.  However, I think what has truly changed is my perspective. In 2007, I was leaving the winter in Ohio and arriving in the desert of Ghana. Now, I’ve been here and become used to many things and I can recognize what passes for cold in this area of the country.  Not only do I recognize it, I relish it!  I LOVE the ridiculous feeling of putting on a sweatshirt when it is 73 degrees Fahrenheit and the fact that my body registers this temperature as cold. It brings comfort to know that I can feel content with not turning on a fan and just sitting and enjoying the weather.  I also love that the recognition of cold is a sign of growth: my growth. God continues to shape me and mold me into the servant that He has called me to be.  Even in what might seem as insignificant as weather; I have grown!

As with all growth, there are growing pains. Mine came in the form of sweating through the seasons for the first couple of years. Now I am growing in other areas. Though the sweat will return, it will be because the sun is truly shining on me. Thankfully, the Son also shines on me.

How has your perspective changed on something seemingly small?  How is God shaping you to serve Him?

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4 thoughts on “Perspective: Weather

  1. Loved this post, Ali. It helps so much for me to understand a little better of what life is like for you there, and a wonderful reminder of how God shapes us!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I do try to remember the little things. They seem to be the things that felt like “mountains” when we first arrived. Now to know that things feel somewhat normal is such an awesome feeling. I’m also working on giving credit where it is due. Rather than saying that I’ve adjusted to the weather, I want to recognize that God has made that adjustment.

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying cooler weather. We do serve an awesome God who doesn’t call the equipped but equips the called.
    I was mildly lamenting the fact that we have mostly missed winter here in Chicago and I’m one of those crazies that likes winter. But then we had really cold (normal) weather and I went to the store. I decided to thank God for the mild weather and the ease it has brought in having a newborn around this year. Next year I’ll pray for lots and lots and lots of snow. 🙂

  3. Funny, weather seems to be a big topic everywhere lately. We have been discussing what a warm winter it has been in OH. We’ve be able to go to the park every month because we’ve had days in the 50s in Dec, Jan & Feb. Today we took a trip to the zoo with a group from our neighborhood and enjoyed a picnic lunch (In FEB!)

    But I also heard on the news that insects are not hibernating as long and that there is cause for concern for the bees. Since the flowers are all out of wack because of the weather some scientists are concerned that there may not be enough pollen and nectar for bees coming out of hibernation early and that this will effect the bee population with will in turn have an effect on our crops this year…..

    All I know is that God has a plan. I’ll leave the big stuff up to him and try to find ways to enjoy each day for you, enjoy your sweatshirt, for me I’m thrilled to be able to have a picnic! I just love the irony of you reveling in the cool 73 while I am thrilled with the warm 53! It’s all about perspective isn’t it?

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