It’s Official!

Today is the first day this year that the temperature reached 100* Fahrenheit in my living room!The funny thing is, it doesn’t feel nearly as oppressive as I remember it being in the past. Harmattan is usually over by now and we get the full effect of the sun’s rays. However, Harmattan left, or lessened, a few weeks ago but  has now returned so some of the sun’s rays are blurred by the dusty air.  You may also notice that our little weather station shows a whopping 12% humidity. The dryness does help the heat to not feel so uncomfortable but it does make other things unpleasant (like dry noses and skin).


2 thoughts on “It’s Official!

  1. Thankfully I don’t remember any exact high temps in Tamale, but do remember the coldest day we had all our windows closed, wore pull-overs and drank hot coco it was 66*f in our Tamale home:)

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