The Welcoming Committee

We were away from our house for about 3 weeks last month. It never ceases to amaze me the condition of our house when we return.  Most of the time, I am careful to put everything away and leave the house in good order. It is not fun for me to return to chaos and clutter. However, there are other factors influencing the state of our home upon our return.  The picture above shows just one pile of dirt that the ants have left as they make they homes in our baseboards and walls. It is not uncommon for these piles to be in many different places throughout the house.  It causes me to have to say to our youngest child, “Don’t eat the ants!” A curious toddler is in her glory when dirt abounds.  I chose not to take a picture of my bathtub, you can thank me in the comments.  It held the biggest surprise yet: two geckos and 5 man-eating cockroaches.  While I have become stronger the more we live here, I left The Bathtub Gang for Paul to deal with.


11 thoughts on “The Welcoming Committee

    1. Don’t worry, not even I wanted to have record of that! In fact, it was Hannah who discovered it when she went to take a shower. She said, “Mama, there are some animals in your bathtub.” I couldn’t possibly imagine what kind of animals could be there, so I peeked, and ran to Paul. 🙂

    1. I’m thankful that my husband was around to be the “soldier”. No doubt, I would have taken a bath in the kids’ tub and slept in the guest room if he weren’t around. 🙂

    1. Are there any cockroaches that are tolerable? I think not! I do hope you realize my drama in calling them “man-eating”. I am not describing some new species and you may very well have this kind in the south as well. They are large, though.

  1. I suppose if you sprayed them with RAID (or even napalm?) it would only make them mad? Ali, you have to write a book about your experiences and have it published by CPH. God bless you and Paul and the kid-os for what you do, it’s friends like you who make me want to be a better person.

    You can call your boo, “The Chronicles of Mrs. Indiana Jones” !

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter, think about you so much!
    Much Love,
    Aunt Krispie

  2. I remember stories from Alvina and Dale after returning to their home to find mounds in the rooms and the library books used for food!?

    1. Yes, Paul has memories of the termite hills being built in their house. We have it pretty easy compared to that!

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