Construction Zone

Work is finally being done on our house. Of course in order to enjoy the final product, we have to endure the process which usually means dealing with a mess. As you can see in the picture, we had our fair share of mess. This is what the dining room looked like when the mason was chiseling away the plaster that had been damaged by water.  Thankfully, this was only done in two rooms in our house. The dust was everywhere! The mason then put a new layer of plaster on the wall.  new plaster in dining room

Later, a painting team put a coat of stinky, black sealant on all interior walls of the house and then a fresh coat of paint all over. They also painted the outside of the house.  The wall around our property has also been patched and plastered and the front wall and gate will soon get a paint job as well.  Along with masonry work, we’ve kept some carpenters busy with roofing repairs. It’s nice to know that water won’t seep through our roof anymore and that our sagging ceiling has been reinforced.ceiling repair


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