Loading MicroSD cards with digital Scripture materials

(This is a Guest Post with my blog serving as a place to publish ideas on how to use Scripture App Builder.)

Here is our new media product in Copala Triqui that we have begun shipping to distribution partners in Oaxaca. Itꞌs a 4gb micro-SD card loaded with:

  • about 24 hours of audio in Triqui (mainly a radio program built around the reading of Scriptures, Bible stories and part of the OT summary, plus music in Triqui)
  • about 8 hours of mp4 videos in Triqui: (the JESUS film, The Hope, 25 slideshow videos on the life of Jesus Christ, 15 slideshow videos on the life of the patriarchs, other slideshow videos using Read-N-Grow images and Glory Story images, slideshow videos of 7 Psalms and a song; an 80-minute video series based on a transfer literacy book & CD set; plus some other videos)
  • 2 apps I made with the Scripture App Builder: the text of the entire Copala Triqui NT (as it stands at this moment in the process of revison) with a search function that includes a virtual keyboard of 15 special characters to supplement the phoneꞌs keyboard, and the text and audio of Jonah with phrase-by-phrase highlighting as the recording progresses.

We are also including a USB adapter to facilitate use in computers, some stereos and other devices with USB ports, including the digital flatscreen TVs that the Mexican government is giving away to low income families, some of which have already been placed with Triqui families.

Since the first ones went out we have added a folder with 10 ringtones made from portions of Christians songs in Triqui, some in a traditional Triqui genre. The idea is that these can serve as conversation starters.

We will be switching to 8gb cards soon to include more of the available audio and to include higher-resolution versions of some of the videos for better viewing on computers and digital TVs.


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