About Us

We work with the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT) in Tamale, Ghana, West Africa.

Paul – Computer Support

Paul works in the area of computer support as an Information Technology Consultant for GILLBT. GILLBT is a national organization that works in Bible Translation, Literacy and Scripture in Use. He is able to help national translators put their work onto the computer, which dramatically reduces the amount of time required to complete a translation. He also helps the staff plan for their technological needs. Another part of Paul’s time is spent helping other missionaries with their computer support needs.

Ali – Educational Consultant

Ali’s main job is to support Paul in his work and our three children. Outside of those responsibilities, Ali uses her passion for teaching to help other missionary moms in their home schooling endeavors. She offers advice and encouragement and has even created a library in our home, the MK Book Barn, which is full of teaching resources and children’s books.

2010 Video Presentation

While we were in the United States, we were speaking to churches and groups that have supported our ministry. Below is a short video presentation that gives a report on what we have been doing:


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